Dolce & Banana

                             THE DOLCE & BANANA STORY

 Sister duo Tanya and Tara have always had a love of freezing their fruits, cookies, cakes and muffins and eating them straight from the freezer. So it was only a matter of time until they would discover that adding chocolate and toppings would make their little sisterly quirk something that the rest of the family would enjoy as well.
Now they have decided to share their favorite recipe of sweet bananas dipped in fine Belgium chocolate, sprinkled with a variety of sweet and salty toppings.

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a few of our



"OMG!!! your treats are AMAZING! Soooo good! Incredible! Everyone should try your treats! You're chocolates were a big hit in the Socialite crowed of Vancouver tonight! LOVED by ALL!"

--April T. (Vancouver Socialite, happy customer)


"I orgininally got the banana treats for my mom as an alternative to the classic chocolates, and they were a complete hit. Unfortunately for her, I liked them a bit too much and have stole them away. They're so delicious...I need to order a couple boxes next time for everyone, cause ther's no chance I'm sharing!!"

--Kabir B. (happy customer)



"Just thought I'd send a little message to let you know just how much I am enjoying my 'dolce bananas'!!  My son Paul gave these to me for Momma's Day instead of chocolates, flowers, etc.  They are very delicious --couldn't help but notice that 'someone' sampled one in the corner before the 'gift' was given!!  Great job --best of luck with your business."
 --Dorothy A. (happy mom)

"They are soooo good!!!!!"

--Crystal M. (happy customer)

"These are so unique and delicious! What a great idea! I will be buying again!"

--Lorraine K. (happy customer)

"Everyone at the party loved them. They were a hit! Thanks!"

--Lynnette O. (happy birthday party planner)

"Banana + chocolate + toppings = enough said! Thanks for the goodies!"

-- John A. (happy customer)

"OMG! These are so good! Can I order another box for tomorrow?! Def buying more!"

--Hannah K. (happy customer right after her first bite)